Friday, May 24, 2013

Call the C.O.P.S.

Back again for the 2nd time this week!!! 
I feel like dancing!

I hope you all were able to grab my freebie yesterday. If not....go grab it! And while you are o n my TPT page, be sure to grab some of the other freebies I posted over the last few days.
I've been creating stuff for a few weeks, but haven't had time to post so I'll be adding a lot this weekend (fingers crossed!).
I also uploaded an awesome Mega Pack that I created for my class this year.
In first grade, we really work hard to improve student writing and editing skills.
So of course we practice "Calling the C.O.P.S."
It is a huge hit in first grade (as well as when I taught K  & 2!).
You can check out the Mega Pack at my TPT store:
When I say Mega Pack....I mean it!
Take a look at what's included:
C.O.P.S. Classroom Poster
C.O.P.S. Individual Classroom Posters
C.O.P.S. Mini Posters (2 sizes)
Letter to Parents
Practice Sheets featuring 2 review pages for each of the following categories:

           Capitals only
           Spelling only
          Punctuation only
          Capitals & Punctuation
          Capitals & Organization
          Capitals & Spelling
         Organization & Punctuation
        Organization & Spelling
        Punctuation & Spelling
        Various Mistakes
I included a number of variations for the practice sheets for logistical reasons. This helps differentiate when students have difficulties in certain areas. It also helps when you are introducing each specific component. I know that as teachers, we don't introduce capitalization, organization, punctuation, AND spelling all on day one. Having a variety of sheets provides for flexibility as you introduce each component based on your curriculum.
I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend! Stop by next week as I have another project to post AND a little DIY project!

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